2018 Autmn & Holiday Pre-Book

HOW TO PLACE YOUR PRE-BOOK ORDERS : 1. PLACE ORDERS ONLINE at syndicatesales.com or call your local distributor HOW TO PLACE YOUR ORDERS ONLINE: - Login - Click on "my account" - Scroll down to "Pre-Book" section - Select either Autumn or Holiday Pre-Book 3. REDEEM your points for rewards, like a new TV! DON' T MISS YOUR CHANCE TO PRE-BOOK THIS SEASONAL L INE ! 2. ORDERS GET DELIVERED EARLY AUGUST to your local distributor ... and you earn points for every case! No case minimums on all Pre-Book items! Orders must be placed online to earn Syndicate Starpoints ® Need to sign up? Visit: syndicatesales.com/stars Already registered, but need login details? Contact: stars@syndicatesales.com Pre-Book Orders Due March 9, 2018 ZBR-FH18-PRE-$